Strong & Stretchy Challenge



Strengthen & Stretch Your Horse

1. 📓Every day you'll get the assigned exercise sent to your email. 

2. 📷📱Post the photo of your horse doing the exercise (might need another person to take the pic.) and post it as a comment under the same exercise post (UNIT)  in the group (link provided in email).

3. ☑️Post the image for all 5 days and get a discount code on the upcoming course 30-days to a strong and stretchy equine.

🐎Sign up below, the exercises will be sent the night before in messenger or your email along with the detailed PDF containing all the exercises.

✨Your participation by posting the pictures not only benefits your horse, but you help others in the community because you lead by example. Let' s help others create confidence by promoting and encouraging these simple and beneficial holistic exercises for horses.


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