"In training horses, one trains himself"  - Antoine de Pluvinel

I’m Raina Marie Paucar and probably just as horse crazy as you are, consumed with learning more about them, spending all my MONEY on them, doing everything I can to HELP them and basically being their human slave to provide EVERYTHING for them.

I’m a mother to human, furry and scaly creatures. I’m an innovator, in that I constantly find ways to improve things. I’m an educator, I love teaching the things I know to other equestrians who are interested in the betterment of their horse’s quality of life and well-being.

I’m a  professional in the industry with multiple certifications who knows how to get real results for horses utilizing holistic methods to improve equine flexibility, strength, mobility and increase range of motion.

I'm a former female jockey, a certified equine massage therapist, certified equi-tape® practitioner, pursuing my vet tech degree and equine rehabilitation practitioner certification.

I've been featured on equestrian blogs and podcasts in addition to writing my own. Mostly, I enjoy reading the teachings from classical masters such as Antoine de Pluvinel, Nuno Oliveira, Jean-Claude Racinet.

OTTB ACADEMY Is a Support Site for Equestrians Interested in Learning  Equine Conditioning Utilizing Holistic Therapies and Techniques for the Horse to Increase Flexibility, Strength, Mobility and Improve Range of Motion–With a Special Focus on Biomechanics and Off-The-Track-Thoroughbreds.

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