Mounting Techniques for Back Pain Management in Ex-Racehorses


"In Training Horses, One Trains Himself." - Antoine De Pluvinel


The are many benefits of using the mounting block for horses. The general consensus is the higher-the-block-the-better. It's ideal to mount from a high mounting block (three steps or higher) without using the stirrup iron.

The reason for this approach is a minimal amount of pressure and strain is placed on the horse's back and there is less stress on the alignment of the spine.

Of course,  this technique isn't ideal for every situation, but it's considered ideal for the health of the horse's back and spine.

This post shows some basic and fundamental tips for training your off-the-track-thoroughbred to properly stand while being mounted to reduce stress on the spine as well as back pain management.

Ex-racehorses coming from adoption organizations will most likely be trained to stand properly while being mounted. However, if you are getting your horse directly off-the-track they'll...

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