OTTB Training 101: The Art of Slow Training and New Beginnings for Ex-Racehorses


Building a Relationship From the Ground Up.

I see it so often. The first thing people want to do is ride, ride, ride their new off-the-track-thoroughbred. Of course, it’s important to give a test ride to assess chemistry, gait and overall compatibility before you adopt or buy. Of course, you have to enjoy the way the horse moves and their disposition under saddle. The excitement of riding your new horse is an amazing, liberating feeling. Not to mention all the new tack you get to buy, and color coordinating everything. And, a new pair of riding boots, because you have to get something for yourself too. You deserve it.

Let me be clear about some things up front, so I don’t create any misunderstanding. If you have adopted your horse from a recognized TAA organization or an unaccredited facility that retrains OTTBs and places them in homes—understand this: they have limited time to work with the horse. These organizations are often times inundated with...

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