Massage Therapy for the Equine Athlete to Achieve Peak Performance and Gain a Competitive Edge


Why Certified Equine Massage Therapy?

You might ask yourself, why should I invest money to get my horse a massage?  Especially if you don’t invest in massage therapy for yourself.  Most people still hold the belief massage is a “luxury” as opposed to a therapy. That’s even true for many in the equine world.

Having routine massage therapy sessions for your horse can:

  • increase flexibility
  • improve range of motion
  • aid in muscle relief
  • help prevent injuries (that could cost a small fortune in vet bills)
  • improve athletic performance
  • decrease rehabilitation time
  • reduce hypertonicity 
  • improve overall well-being

Massage therapy, more specifically equine sports massage is a therapeutic method of bodywork that when implemented properly can enhance equine physical performance. Not to mention, it can also vastly improve an equine’s behavior––by addressing and treating underlying and sometimes undressed physical pain....

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