The Top 2 Things Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainers Are Missing to Improve Equine Performance and Win More Races


Do you want to win more races? As a trainer, owner or breeder, of course, you do. There are two powerful holistic methods that are often overlooked in training to condition and develop the Thoroughbred athlete into peak performance.

Conditioning the Thoroughbred Racehorse

Conditioning consists of many interconnected anatomical components. Trainers must consider all the physical mechanics in place and their functions, such as the cardiovascular, respiratory,  skeletal and muscular systems. And ever deeper within these categories that concern racehorse conditioning is the connective tissues (ligaments and tendons), neural pathways and the issue of thermoregulation which pertains to the cardiovascular system. The emotional state of a horse also plays a part in conditioning and performance as well. 

This post focuses on the muscular aspects of improving racehorse performance. Conditioning the musculature system of the racehorse properly is vital to winning. The...

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