The Most Effective Holistic Equine Exercises to Help Your Horse "Get Strong and Stretchy" Regardless of Riding Discipline


Often times we ask a lot from our equine partners that is physically demanding and in many situations, during training, shows, clinics or competitions, they give us their all. In return, it's our responsibility to “listen to the horse” for any sign of pain or discomfort and alleviate the underlying systemic issue(s).

As a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist & Movement + Mobility (Biomechanics/Kinesiology) Specialist it is my passion to study equine and human movement and develop exercises, training techniques and therapies that further improve the development of a healthy, sound, strong and happy horses–(humans, too).

Many horses have issues with balance, straightness, and range of motion, especially off-the-track-thoroughbreds Horses are similar to people, in that they have a preferred laterality. The dominant (strong) and hollow (weak) side of the body-being right side or left side dominant. Because they have a...

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