Training Techniques + Holistic Therapies to Develop a Happy Horse.

Dedicated to Helping You and Your Horse Achieve Maximum Flexibility,  Strength and Mobility.


How Strong and Flexible Is Your Horse?

  • Want to learn the secrets the top 1% of horse trainers use to get their horses conditioned and competing at peak performance?
  • Whether your goal is to get your horse to top level fitness and have a competitive edge or just to have a more straight, well-balanced and supple horse, get the inside scoop on how your horse can achieve optimum physical condition, improved well-being and outperform the competition using holistic methods.
  • Find out If the "Get Strong & Stretchy" Equine Core Development Course Is Right for You and Your Horse.  
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"In Training Horses, One Trains Himself" - Antoine De Pluvinel

About and Statement of Intent

I’m Raina Marie a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and OTTB enthusiast specializing in sports massage and kinesiology. I pursued becoming a CEMT to understand equine anatomy and physiology on a professional level.

I’m a lifelong equestrian who first started riding and showing on the hunter/jumper circuit as a child in New England. I later went on to become a professional jockey. I’ve since retired and have over 20+ years of professional experience with racehorses. I’ve worked with Thoroughbreds from the cradle, through the gates and beyond. I have worked breaking 2 year old thoroughbreds on the farm, groomed, hot walked, galloped as an exercise rider, ridden races as a jockey, rehabilitated several horses (under veterinary guidance), conditioned, reschooled and  rehomed many ex-racehorses.

I rehabilitated my first ex-racehorse in 1999, before OTTB was an acronym.  I’m the co-founding writer and creator of the popular Ex-Racehorse Adoption blog which is hosted on the Emmy-winning companion website of and founder of

I'm Dedicated to Helping Horses Achieve Peak Condition and an Overall State of Well-Being By Utilizing Holistic Methods  FIRST.


Horses Can Have Many Physical Issues, Here's Why....

Did You Know the Anatomical Structure of an Equine Is Made up of Over 60% Muscle?

Since the horse is over 60% muscle, it is essential to properly develop and treat both the superficial and deep muscles and connective tissues in order for your horse to gain flexibility, improve range of motion and remain relatively sound.

Free Webinar: Why Improving Range of Motion is Essential for Equine Wellness

Muscle Anatomy

Learn why core exercises, stretches and massage therapy techniques are essential to improve range of motion for your horse. 

Holistic Techniques

Science has proven the holistic technique of massage therapy improves range of motion by releasing muscle tension.

Create And Implement

Discover how to create a consistent plan with core exercises and massage therapy for your equine's success, health + development.

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